And now, it’s done . . .

That’s right folks.

After approximately four weeks, twenty pages of hastily scrawled handwritten notes, two prolonged sessions of frustrated swearing (tip: if you’re not a web developer, don’t try to code your own website . . . it’s not worth the drain on your sanity), one hundred and twelve cups of strong black coffee, seven bouts of prolonged procrastination and one swooping attack by a ferocious magpie who caught your writer in an unguarded moment, the new Lexicon Press website is up and live!

In all honesty, I can’t take a whole lot of credit for it. The wonderful people at Charles Elena Design deserve that, after I finally ate a large slice of humble pie and admitted to myself that

a.                 I have the web design capabilities of a dropped cabbage
b.                Five minute youtube tutorials on how to use WordPress are usually advertisements for cheap pharmaceuticals in disguise
c.                 It’s hard to conceptualise a stunning design when you can’t even draw a proper stick figure (see attached figure).

So, we’ve now started thstick figureis blog. We have all intentions of updating it fairly regularly, so please feel free to get on our case if it is ignored for more than a week or two. Tessa’s posts and observations are most probably going to be fantastic insights on the nature of language and the world, written with breathtaking skill and absolute mastery of the English language, whilst mine will probably consist of topics like “I met a pigeon today” or “Why bacon should be eaten at every opportunity, including when asleep”.

Again, another huge round of thanks to the CED creative team – guys and girls, we salute you!

Stay well,